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My lovely f(x).. you are f(5) forever..<3 , now maybe have a some difficulty..but your fans will be here with you. Weather the storm together. f(x) is a f(amily). fighting f(x). i will waiting for you.. wait for sulli comeback to f(x)..  

I LOVE YOU, f(x). 1.2.3 f(x)!

seeing all these red velvet teasers makes me think of krystal’s hair in nu abo

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140729 Leeteuk leaving SM building [cr:朴正洙回家我娶你]

amber’s voice is golden ugh

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[COMIC] welcome back~!! ♥

  by: @MadziaVelMadzik

 #WelcomeBackLeeteuk #ThanksHyukjae 


@siwon407: He is back.@special1004 welcome back.


Amber Singing


Look at the world in front of you
The one who’s only been pushed
A bright light pushed you



Sulli looking happy and excited as hell for their concert

video cr -> becomingpolpo noviewistrue


I srsly don’t get why Sulli is getting so much hate. It’s Choi Jinri for fuck’s sake. Why would anyone hate her?????

wait i know now. they’re all jealous beyotches that’s why

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I should totally respond to these stuffs that lovely people tagged me in. Heh. You guys thought of me ;; i am so touched ;;

But not now cause i have to wake up in less than 5 hours TT^TT

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